Suspended by Facebook over 'data breach', Cambridge Analytica in talks with Congress, BJP for 2019

The firm denied it had violated Facebook’s rules. A statement by CA said its “robust data protection policies complied with US, international, EU and national regulations.

India Is Said to Advise Firms to Secure Access to Private Data

SEBI told three companies to consider background checks for employees handling potentially stock-moving information.

Digital rights will drive e-auction on April 3

Base price set at Rs. 33 crore, Rs. 7 crore and Rs. 40 crore for three different packages.

Taiwan ICT brands bullish on 'Digital India' mission

The rapidly-picking ICT market in India received a shot in the arm when some of the best brands from the global ICT market showcased their products at an expo in the Capital. Taiwan Excellence displayed its advanced and award-winning products at the recently held Convergence India 2018. India is already experiencing a robust business environment … Continue reading "Taiwan ICT brands bullish on ‘Digital India’ mission"

A closer look at Hike Total that aims to make Digital India a reality

Hike is offering phones that let you message your friends, read news and check your daily horoscope without needing the mobile internet. Let’s dive deeper into Hike’s Total platform.

How world governments are trying to regulate social media

Social media is an extremely powerful medium to drive the masses of a country. It then becomes more important to assure that they display genuine content.

As Govt Promotes Digital Transactions, Cyber Security Chief Says He 'Rarely' Uses Internet Banking Over 'Issues'

Rai's words of advice comes on the backdrop of the government's unceasing efforts to promote digital transactions and diffuse fears over security issues.

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