These large tech enterprise founders show that you don't need IIT or IIM tag to succeed

Beyond the gleam of the recent tech startups, here are some non-IIT and non-IIM entrepreneurs who have achieved success over a longer span of time.

Visa critical of India's move toward no-fee debit card transactions

Global card payments group Visa is critical of the Indian government's deci...

Opinion | A market trend that’s reshaping the infotech services sector

Traditional information technology service companies need to adapt to a significant uptrend in ‘As A Service’ offerings

Facebook contractor hikes minimum wages for Indian content reviewers

Based on job adverts and employee paystubs, Reuters reported earlier that the starting salary for some graduate content moderators was just Rs 100,000

42 per cent companies struggle with sourcing quality tech talent: Report

The report is based on a survey of 350 industry leaders from over 200 companies of different sizes.

FB contractor pressured therapists to leak staff info

Facebook is facing flak from moderators who have alleged that a contractor from the social networking giant pressured counsellors to break confidentiality agreements by leaking discussions with employees.

Why GE's Alleged $38 Billion Financial Fraud Will Have Little Impact On Indian Tech Majors

There was no bigger controversy last week than GE’s stock plummeting 11% on 15 August in the midst of fraud accusations which is finding echoes in the 2001 Enron Corporation scandal. A 175-page “whistle-blower report” has alleged that there is a $38 billion worth of fraud at GE and the American multinational is at the…

Digital matchmaking: What India’s Kirana stores need to weed out intermediaries in buying, stocking goods

The way food and grocery segment is structured in India is that there are multiple intermediaries without any direct way for kiranas to access products directly from brands.

3 FinTech startups using tech to change the way banking happens in India

With growing technology companies have to upgrade their tech in order to stay in the race and improve the experience for customers.

Understanding Libra, The Millennial Global Currency From Facebook

Libra is likely to run into multiple headwinds in the form of government regulators and privacy advocacy groups.

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