May 15, 2018 - In India, Facebook's WhatsApp Plays Central Role in Elections

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Nir Eyal From the Editor's Desk

The Way You Think About Willpower Is Hurting You - Nir Eyal
Not so long ago, my after work routine looked like this: After a particularly grueling day, I'd sit on the couch and veg for hours, doing my solo version of "Netflix and chill," which meant keeping company with a cold pint of ice cream. I knew the ice cream, and the sitting, were probably a bad idea, but I told myself this was my well-deserved "reward" for working so hard. Psychological researchers have a name for this phenomenon: it's called "ego depletion." The theory is that willpower is connected to a limited reserve of mental energy, and once you run out of that energy, you're more likely to lose self-control. This theory would seem to perfectly explain my after-work indulgences. But new studies suggest that we've been thinking about willpower all wrong, and that the theory of ego depletion isn't true. Even worse, holding on to the idea that willpower is a limited resource can actually be bad for you, making you more likely to lose control and act against your better judgement.

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The Analytics Center of Excellence will support a business intelligence and advanced data analytics platform for BIAL

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