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Startup idea: Oyo for Retail
For all you Retail entrepreneurs/wantrepreneurs out there, here's a startup idea - An Oyo-style roll-up of kirana stores across India! Compared to modern trade or ecommerce, the kirana still offers more convenience, is willing to deliver rather quickly and is usually a better option for top-ups, as well as last-minute purchases. Now modernize these stores (add self-service aisles, POS, loyalty program, etc - Metro is already doing something similar, but their objective is different). Rebrand these stores under your brand ('Freshmart') and the customer has an attractive new option to shop from. On the back-end, consolidate sourcing (once you have some scale) and get better rates from FMCG / other vendors. Pass on part of these savings to your loyal shoppers (thus attracting more customers). Start with one city, then add more. More details to be fleshed out, but would love to hear feedback on this idea (simply reply to this email).

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Digital disruption to create 1.4 million new IT jobs in India by 2027

India is likely to add over 1 4 million new IT jobs by 2027 as per the findings of a joint study by Cisco and International Data Corporation

Today's TradeBriefs Cartoon

2014 To 2019: From social media to app, BJP's digital campaign shifts gear

Between mid-September and now, Modi has had six “Mera Booth Sabse Mazboot” video interactions with booth workers in 30 Lok Sabha constituencies through the NaMo App.

WhatsApp’s new feature lets you share contacts with QR codes

You can now send and receive WhatsApp contacts by generating or scanning QR codes

Facebook India searching for Tax Head

It is reported that WhatsApp is also looking for managers for election security and policy programmes

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sees Facebook as an inspiration for his vision

India's prime minister has shown that inspiration can come from all directions after saying that he looks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter as a benchmark for his own goals.

Love reading, so which Kindle e-reader is the right fit for you?

For users planning to buy a new Kindle, the choice is between an entry-level All-New Kindle, the All-New Kindle Paperwhite and the top-of-the-line Kindle Oasis

The digital divide: India's rising digital uptake demands a digitally inclusive environment

With India’s rising digital uptake, it is imperative to foster a digitally inclusive environment.

Adobe Digital Disha to be launched in schools

Visakhapatnam: Andhra Pradesh school education department entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Adobe to launch the latter’s Adobe Digital D.

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