Nov 26, 2018 - 7-nation panel to grill Facebook over data scandals

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The Chinese miracle and women's labour force participation
On a recent trip to China (Guagnzhou, Shenzhen), I experienced the Chinese economic miracle first-hand. The Canton fair (one of the largest trade fairs in the world) with over 189,000 visitors from around the world is a sight to behold. This Consumer & Industry Products fair had over 60,000 booths and would easily take someone a month to just glance through the entire exhibition once.
Something that stands out and a reason for the Chinese miracle (especially in comparison to India) is the high labour-force participation of women. You find women running stores at the various markets (electronics, fashion), using the subway to get to their corporate jobs and generally out and visible everywhere in the Chinese economy. As alluded to in this article, Indian attitudes on women staying at home after marriage, combined with lack of basic safety and amenities in various parts of the country for women to move around freely are withholding a valuable section of our society from not only finding fulfillment, but also holding back Indian economic progress.

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'95% of video consumption in India is in regional languages; Hindi internet users will outnumber English users by 2021'

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World's first all-electric vertical flying taxi completes maiden test; take a look

Lilium unveils world’s first all-electric vertical takeoff and landing passenger jet.Lilium aims to have a fleet of the five-seat aircraft — which can operate with a pilot or in drone mode

I feel we let humanity down in this whole WhatsApp spyware story: Telegram founder

The Russian founder of Telegram said that every time WhatsApp has to fix a critical vulnerability in their app, a new one seems to appear in its place.WhatsApp's "lack of security allows them to spy on their own people" he said

Women advance through the ranks in India’s gaming arena

Women gamers are making their presence felt, but the journey has not been smooth for all.Gaming is no longer a man’s domain

Nasscom, Fintech want crypto in RBI’s sandbox

Nasscom says other countries permit it in their regulatory sandbox; says inclusion could help RBI develop a better understanding of the risks.

MNC tech hubs’ business in India grows to $28 billion

MNC tech centre, also known as global capability centre (GCC), now employ more than 1 million people — up from 7.5 lakh in 2014-15.

Mastercard to double India headcount to 4,000 in five years

The company has already invested $1 billion in the Indian market in the last five years.Mastercard has already stared "on soil processing" in in its Pune facility during October last year

Besides Grofers, These are the Five Indian Start-ups Funded by Softbank Group

Softbank’s Vision Fund was set up in 2016 and is now the world’s largest technology investment fund that boasts of having stakes in companies like Uber, Grab, Didi Chuxing, WeWork globally.

Going regional! Why online gaming startups are logging on to vernacular segment to boost business

Smartphones penetrating Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities has forced online gaming startups to use vernacular tools for more traction.

Wipro focuses on boosting revenue from Indian governments, PSUs

Part of the growth plan involves bringing in talent with new account managers to scout for, win and manage government projects.

Forget The Trade War. TikTok Is China’s Most Important Export Right Now.

Silicon Valley may have begun the era of social media, but its future could be in China.

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The technology is driving growth of cashless transactions in unprecedented proportions. Now it’s time for the growth of RTP use cases in payments to accelerate.

RBI proposes to make NEFT 24x7; here's all you need to know

The RBI's vision document proposes to examine the

Govt moots eKYC through Aadhaar for digital companies

The government has laid out a three-step process to be followed by non-banking companies to get clearance from regulators and govt agencies to access ..

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