Aug 31, 2020 - Small Industry Day: How Indian SMBs are innovating and going digital amid COVID-19 crisis

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Serial Entrepreneur, Prolific Investor & Kauffman Fellow Ashish Gupta on Entrepreneurship & Investing in India

So one of the myths that I have heard from a lot of folks, especially those who are not in investing is that somehow angel investing is a way to make money. I found that angel investing is more a way to exercise one's passion, and it costs a lot of money. So it is probably more expensive than golf or tennis as a way to keep yourself entertained. And once in a while when one gets lucky, which forms the apocryphal stories as to what draws rest of the flies only to get fried on the flames of angel investing. But that is one.

The other one which I find as an investor is that one can become a good investor by learning what works for others. And probably Warren Buffett is an interesting example. He's written more about investing than most other investors. So by that token, we should all have become Warren Buffett by now. But man, is that story, a sad ending for most of us who have tried to emulate. So it comes down to discipline of execution. It's very easy to read but like everything else in life, we all play a certain stroke. And just by watching Nadal, I can't change my backhand to the way he plays his backhand, and we regress back to the stuff that we know.

So one of the things that I find is the myth that a lot of people believe in, that I found it very hard to practice is that talking to folks and learning what others do one can become an investor. That is what I found. It is more like finding what works for you. Because all one needs are three good deals in an entire lifetime. And one is done. And that is out of hundreds of millions of deals. And it's discovering what is that special something about how you play the game that I think is the hard part.

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India needs to focus on small satellites for Digital India: Niti Aayog member

Dr VK Saraswat, member of the Niti Aayog said that India needed to focus on small satellites (smallsats). He said small satellites would play a major role in the coming years. He was speaking at an international space conference on 'Ushering the new in Indian Space Sector' Small satellites (smallsats) is a generic term used to refer to satellites that weigh lesser than 500kg. 

Court notices go digital, to be served through mobile apps

e-seva centres have all been upgraded with e-court services portal and the same was also launched on Thursday by the Madras High Court.

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